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By J. Czernin MD, M. Dahlbom MD, O. Ratib MD, PhD, FAHA, C. Schiepers MD, PhD (auth.)

ISBN-10: 3642185177

ISBN-13: 9783642185175

ISBN-10: 3642621414

ISBN-13: 9783642621413

The Atlas of PET/CT Imaging in Oncology serves an academic objective and is designed to coach radiologists and nuclear medication experts approximately vital points of molecular imaging and nuclear drugs experts in regards to the merits of anatomic imaging. It includes a short didactic element and an intensive number of attention-grabbing and tough case examples. a different function of the atlas is an interactive CD-ROM that gives the unique puppy and CT pictures of every case in chosen planes allowing the clients to manually modify the mixing depth of every modality in a fused photograph. moreover, clients can reveal the scientific heritage, imaging options and diagnostic findings of every case in addition to the corresponding particular instructing point.

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Noise . 'C;:;:T·-b;-a-se--;d-att::-e-'n-u-atc-ion--~lPost-jnjection icorr eetion ! e;t9~_~ .. _. _ Table 1. Major advantages of combined PET/CT over PET protocols with or without an additional CT examination FDG-PETICT acquisition protocol design For oncology purpo ses a standard PET/CT acqu isition proto col , in essence, is a mod em-day PET oncology imaging protocol, which con sists of three steps: (1) Patient preparation and positioning , (2) Transmission scan, and (3) Emission scan. g. a 3-phase liver CT or a highresolution lung scan could be reque sted by the review ing physician, but generalIy these CT scans are not used for attenuation correction.

50 These artefacts become dominant when standard full-inspiration breath hold techniques are transferred directly from clinical CT to combined PET/CT examination protocols scanning without further adaptations (FIGURE 4A) . In the absence of routinely available respiratory gating options-! the anatomy of the patient captured during the CT scan must be matched best to the PET images that are acquired over the course of multiple breathing cycles. w>' In a recent retrospective study we found a significant reduction in respiration artefacts on CT and PET images patients breathing quietly during the CT and the PET exam on a 4- and 16-row PET/CT system in comparison to a 2-row PET/CT (submitted to the SNM 2004) .

6. Kamel EM , Burger C , Buck A, von Schulthess GK , Goerre s GW. Impact of metalli c den tal implants on CT-based atte nuation co rrection in a combined PETtCT sca nner. Eur Radiol. 2003; 13(4):724-728. 7. Goe rres GW, Ziegler SI, Burger C , Berthold T, von Schulthess GK, Buck A. Artifact s at PET and PETtCT ca used by meta llic hip prosthetic material. Radiology. 2003:226(2):577584. 8. Robb RA. 3-D visualization in biomed ical applications . Annu Rev Biomed Eng . 1999;1:377-399 . 9. Bidaut LM , Pascual-Marqui R, Delavelle J, Naimi A, Seeck M , Michel C, Slosman D, Ratib 0 , Ruefen acht D, Landis T, de Tribolet N, Scherr er JR, T errier F.

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Atlas of PET/CT Imaging in Oncology by J. Czernin MD, M. Dahlbom MD, O. Ratib MD, PhD, FAHA, C. Schiepers MD, PhD (auth.)

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