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By N. Silverberg

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This booklet presents a short pictorial atlas highlighting the diversities of visual appeal of pores and skin, hair, and nails, either within the normal kingdom for kids of all colours, and the looks while stricken by pores and skin disorder.

The atlas comprises 5 ethnic groupings:
African, Afro-caribbean, and African American
Hispanic and Latino
Indian and center jap (Arab)

Each staff is classed for identified or clinically proper dermis alterations utilizing medical pictures, easy microscopy, and dermoscopy.

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6), especially noted with dermoscopy. Centrally, the pigment pattern can be quite dense making handheld dermoscopy difficult. Dermoscopic photographs may be easier to assess in these cases, as they remove the movement artifact noted in younger children and they allow for magnified review of the centrally darker portion. Irregularity, as in any individual, mandates observation, biopsy, and/or excision. Plantar Nevus (Fig. 7) Acral melanocytic nevi are more common in Black (42%) than Caucasians (23%) in the United States, and the prevalence increases directly with skin pigmentation [7].

The differential diagnosis would include oral acanthosis nigricans, melanoma, black hairy tongue, Peutz–Jegher syndrome, and Addison disease [17– 19]. This can be distinguished from lingual fungiform papillae hypertrophy (Fig. 17) seen in viral syndromes and with high dose oral cyclosporine A for renal transplantation [20], which is generally not pigmented. SCURF-Acquired Hyperpigmentation Due to Retention Hyperkeratosis and Terra Firma 41 Frictional Hyperpigmentation (Fig. 18) Frictional skin tone changes occur in children on the inner thighs (Fig.

J Cutan Med Surg 15:238–240 26. Verma SB, Wollina U (2010) Acne keloidalis nuchae: another cutaneous symptom of metabolic syndrome, truncal obesity, and impending/overt diabetes mellitus? , bathing suit nevus), or segmentally distributed along the Lines of Blaschko, developmental cutaneous embryonic segments; rarely birthmarks are generalized in nature. 5 and <20 cm) and giant or large (20 cm or greater), the size being ultimate adult size. 4% of Caucasian infants, acquisition of nevi, especially melanocytic nevi, occurs through the first 3–4 decades of life.

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