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By E. Walter Maunder

(Edward) Walter Maunder (12 April 1851 – 21 March 1928) used to be a British astronomer top remembered for his examine of sunspots and the sunlight magnetic cycle that ended in his identity of the interval from 1645 to 1715 that's referred to now because the Maunder minimal.

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The picture thus conjured up is a pleasing one, though probably, to the restless sons of Earth, it would seem to suffer somewhat from monotony. ^But we now know that it corresponds in not a single detail to the actual facts. The study of solar conditions carried on through the last hundred years has revealed to us, not serenity and peace, but storm, stress, and commotion on the most gigantic scale. But though we now can dismiss from our minds the possibihty that the Sun can be inhabited, yet it is of such importance to the maintenance of life on this planet, and by parity of reasoning to hfe on any other planet, that a review of its conditions forms a necessary introduction to our subject.

If the object were weighed in a pair of scales or by a steelyard, the counterbalancing weights would be likewise affected in the same proportion, so that the equilibrium would be undisturbed. 23 ARE THE PLANETS INHABITED? is 147 lb. on the square inch at the sea level ; that we could take a column of air one square inch in section, extending from the surface of the Earth upwards to the very limit of the atrnosphere, we should find that it would have this weight. If we construct a water barometer, the column of water required to balance the atmosphere must be 34 feet high, while the height of the column of mercury in a mercurial barometer is 30 inches high, for the weight of 30 cubic inches of mercury or of 408 cubic inches of water (34X 12 = is to say, 408) if 147 is lb.

The elemental hues of oxygen are not indeed seen in stellar spectra, but that the element is present is shown by the flutings of titanium oxide which distinguish stars hke Antares. * ; substance with water," are at hand evcrysvherc. This being so, it is reasonable to infer that if organic hfe exists elsewhere than on this Earth, its essential feature, there as here, * Proc, R. y LXXX, 38 is 50, 1907. the meta 11 ; F f DISTRIBUTION OF ELEMENTS bolism of nitrogenous carbon compounds in association with protoplasm.

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