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By Iwao Ojima, Gregory D. Vite, Karl-Heinz Altmann

ISBN-10: 084123745X

ISBN-13: 9780841237452

Describes leading edge techniques within the improvement of anticancer brokers for chemotherapy. those new and interdisciplinary methods are geared toward the improvement of tumor particular anticancer brokers whereas expanding the efficiency opposed to drug-resistant tumors. the quantity comprises an summary of latest paradigms for melanoma drug discovery and improvement through NCI, new new release cytotoxic brokers, mechanism dependent enzyme inhibitors as anticancer brokers, anti-angiogenesis brokers, antitumor vaccines, and tumor activated prodrugs utilizing immunoconjugates of monoclonal antibodies with cytotoxic brokers.

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3. Special Studies Oncocytoma reacts positively for low mol-wt cytokeratin, and does not express vimentin (25). There is positive reactivity for epithelial-membrane antigen (21). Hale’s colloidal iron stain is negative. Lectins show a pattern consistent with collecting-duct origin (21). Ultrastructurally, the cells are filled with mitochondria. 5. 1. Clinical Features Clear-cell RCC accounts for approx 70% of all adult epithelial kidney tumors in surgically resected series; thus, it is reflected in much of the literature on RCC (3).

By reactivating this enzyme, malignant cells maintain their telomere length. Harley et al. introduced a cellular senescence-immortalization theory in 1990 (11,12), and Wright and Shay further proposed that cells must pass two checkpoints before immortalization (13) (Fig. 2). The first stage represents normal cellular senescence (mortality stage 1). At the second stage, the telomeres become critically shortened and a stage of proliferative crisis is From: Methods in Molecular Medicine, vol. 53: Renal Cancer: Methods and Protocols Edited by: J.

3. 1. Main Protocol of TRAP Assay 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Tissue-sample preparation: save at –80°C until use. Extraction of telomerase protein. Protein conc. measurement (Bradford assay). Save at –80°C until use. Telomerase extension. PCR amplification. Electrophoresis (11–15% polyacrylamide gel). Autoradiography or phosphorimaging. Data analysis. 2. Tissue Sample Preparation 1. Specimens from patients are obtained. 2. Tissue samples are stored at –80°C in the tissue bank until use. The procedure for preparation should be finished as quickly as possible within 1 h.

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