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When you consider that 1992 there was an explosion within the discovery of planets orbiting stars except the sunlight. There are actually round six hundred alien planets that we all know approximately and that quantity is probably going to damage during the 1,000 ‘barrier’ inside of a few years. the new release of the Kepler house telescope in particular to appear for brand new worlds opens the possibility of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of additional exoplanets being chanced on.

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White dwarfs, each one containing approximately as a lot mass as our sunlight yet packed right into a quantity concerning the dimension of Earth, are the endpoints of evolution for many stars. millions of those faint items have now been chanced on, notwithstanding just a century in the past purely 3 have been recognized. they're one of the commonest stars within the Milky approach Galaxy, they usually became very important instruments in figuring out the universe.

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Is Why we have do hailstorms in summer, and not in winter? The small spongy hail or sleet of winter has the same origin summer, but there is not enough vapor in the as hailstones in cold air to give them the size of summer hailstones. 69. Is the sweating of a pitcher a sign of rain ? See question 32. 70. Where should At the ice be applied, to cool top, because cold water water? falls. Why is evaporation hastened in a vacuum? Because the pressure of the air is removed. 71. a dusty boot hotter to the foot than a polished one ?

What weight of this acid could be formed by the HCl acid gas produced in the reaction named in the preceding problem ? 21. cent, If 25 lbs. , then 100 per cent. 5 times 25 lbs. = 22. What weight of hydriodic acid (HI) a drachm of iodine ? 8 : : : 1 dr. 8 : : . : x. 1 dr. (Hi). : a. is 62 >/s lbs - formed from IN CHEMISTRY. 59 What weight of Glauber salt can be formed from 100 * of oil of vitriol? 100 Ibs. x. SOg 23. Ibs. : : : 40 x= 24. 5 Ibs. S of : 100 Ibs. : x. S0 3 ). there in 10 grs. of sulphide of is hydrogen ?

Passing into the solid form gives off heat. Why does sprinkling a floor with The water water cool the air? turning to vapor absorbs heat. 20. How low a degree of temperature can be reached with a mercurial thermometer ? Nearly to the freezing point of mercury, 21. , 70*- 32'=38. 8=126*. what 39 F. is it C. r C. , 126" what is it F. +32=158* P. Will dew form on an iron bridge f Yes, because iron is a good radiator. 22. On a wooden Not brid&tt f so readily, because wood is a poorer radiator. Why will not corn pop when very dry ?

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