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By Jane Werner with illustrations by Sally Augustiny Watson

ABC is for Christmas

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Turn to 76. 7-27 tt9 Your horse (if you had one) has boltedl From now on' you have to go on foot. This loses you time; lose r blood Point. hto 16z. ' The footsteps retreat into the distance'Gain 1 LUcKpoint for avoiding a very dnpleasantencounter! Now yo, may take the lantern (turn to 286) or decide to leave the coach-house and make for the main mansion house (turn to 46). The fiery horror can bum for only a very short time, then it will be destroyed. For two Attack Rounds, however, it is able to fight you.

Its pawsalsohavean almosthand-likeappearance, and its face is not quite the right shapefor a wolf. The green glittering eyes are full of malice,however, and the teeth protruding from its slavering muzzle are sharp and keen. WEREWOLF sxln 8 sr AM r NA 9 Checkyour currentsrevrNe scoreboth at the beginning and at the end of the fight with the Werewolf. If, at the end of the fight, it is half or Iessof what it was at the start of the fight, tum to r85. Otherwise,tum to 242. 67 The 'Rat and Bat' is not an agreeableplace but the food is plentiful, even if doesn't taste very good.

After resting,will you: Talk to the merchant whose life you saved? Buy some suppliesor equipment? Try to find out if there is a sage or scholar here who may be helpful to you? Continue on your way northeastwards? Make for another area, away from Farleigh? Turn to z16 Turn to 285 Thom. They look like dreamerslost in a disturbing reverie, and their bodies toss and tum. Clearly something is happening to them' perhaps they are being awoken even as you watch! You look around frantically for a way forward.

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ABC Is For Christmas by Jane Werner with illustrations by Sally Augustiny Watson

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