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By Kerry Kuehn

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This booklet presents a chronological advent to the sciences of astronomy and cosmology according to the analyzing and research of important choices from vintage texts, similar to Ptolemy's "The Almagest," Kepler's "Epitome of Copernican Astronomy," Shapley's "Galaxies" and Lemaitre's "The Primeval Atom."

Each bankruptcy starts with a brief advent by means of a studying choice. conscientiously crafted examine questions draw out key issues within the textual content and concentration the reader's recognition at the author's equipment, research, and conclusions. Numerical and observational workouts on the finish of every bankruptcy try out the reader's skill to appreciate and follow key innovations from the text.

"The Heavens and the Earth" is the 1st of 4 volumes in "A Student's consultant in the course of the nice Physics Texts." This e-book grew out of a four-semester undergraduate physics curriculum designed to inspire a serious and circumspect method of ordinary technological know-how, whereas whilst getting ready scholars for complicated coursework in physics.

This e-book is especially appropriate as a college-level textbook for college kids of the typical sciences, historical past or philosophy. It additionally serves as a textbook for complex high-school scholars, or as a thematically-organized source-book for students and encouraged lay-readers. In learning the vintage medical texts integrated herein, the reader might be drawn towards a life of contemplation.

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But none of these possibilities can be conceived as actual in the case of the heavens. As to that which is moved, we have shown that it is primary and simple and ungenerated and indestructible and generally unchanging; and the mover has an even better right to these attributes. It is the primary that moves the primary, the simple the simple, the indestructible and ungenerated that which is indestructible and ungenerated. Since then that which is moved, being a body, is nevertheless unchanging, how should the mover, which is incorporeal, be changed?

Draw from the centre the lines AB, AC, and let their extremities be joined by the straight line BC. The line AD, drawn to the base of the triangle, will be shorter than either of the radii. Therefore the place in which it terminates will be a hollow place. The water then will collect there until equality is established, that is until the line AE is equal to the two radii. Thus water forces its way to the ends of the radii, and there only will it rest: but the line which connects the extremities of the radii is circular: therefore the surface of the water BEC is spherical.

It remains either that both are moved, or that the one is moved and the other at rest. 2. e. that the pace of every star is that of the circle in which it moves. e. traversed its own circumference, at one and the same moment. But it is difficult to conceive that the pace of each star should be exactly proportioned to the size of its circle. That the pace of each circle should be proportionate to its size is not absurd but inevitable: but that the same should be true of the movement of the stars contained in the circles is quite incredible.

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